Spotify vs Joox: Who is the Better in Music Streaming 2024?

Hello! For those who are music professionals and enthusiasts listening to songs, everyone has a different answer for Spotify vs Joox. In the world of music, Myraid music platforms are working well, and practical streaming platforms thus provide you with more than enough options to experience your favorite music. 

However, joox and Spotify are well-known among them, while it is difficult to tell which is better than the other. But in my personal opinion, Spotify is more liked in the USA and Europe, while Joox is considered better in Asians. We provide also a Spotify Premium APK for Spotify lovers free of cost Happy Listening..!

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So, a Spotify vs Joox head-to-head comparison will reveal this secret, so you need to read more about it. 

Spotify vs Joox

What is Spotify

What is Spotify

One of the most demanding digital services that allows you to access digital music, podcasts, and audio. From World, it provides millions of songs and content to its users as it offers basic functions and features for free. If you want to get premium features, you can opt for the premium option.

What is JOOX

What is Joox

The new music service launched in January is Joox. It offers music content for free and can be downloaded when you enable the Auto download.

The platform is unique because it also offers JOOX VIP, which allows you to enjoy unlimited skips and ad-free applications. The streaming app is more popular and widely used in Asia countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Detailed Comparison: Spotify vs Joox

When you have a clear definition of Spotify and JOOX, it’s the best time to have a side-by-side comparison between the two, the comparison will highlight the aspects regarding interface, music discovery, quality, and many more. 

Without waiting, let’s dive into the comparison.

Spotify vs Joox

Spotify can be a good option for you if you want to listen to different songs every day. It features more than 40 million songs from artists and singers all over the world. 

Spotify has limitless music to jam out to, in the experience of all types of music, as it offers you more than 20,000 songs every day. 

On the other hand, JOOX comes with a significantly smaller music library with fewer songs, as it is half of the Spotify collection, about 20 million songs. At the same time, the best part of it is that it offers you trending local songs.

With this feature, you can find your favorite music content, like songs, quickly and easily. It is the most important factor to consider while comparing the Spotify and JOOX features. 

When it comes to Spotify, it is featured with excellent music discovery as it contains daily and weekly playlists. Additionally, this huge platform can analyze your recommended sogs and data that meet your requirements and tastes. 

Regarding music discovery, JOOX also is characterized by great music discovery. It offers featured artists, radio, new releases, and editor picks as its professional editors create playlists by having the latest trends on social media and local users. 

The most important priority while listening to songs on any platform should be the quality of sound that it offers. The quality defines how you can enjoy the music while jamming out. 

In terms of quality, Spotify offers two different music qualities, as it can run up to 160kps for free users and 96kps when are listening to your desktop. At the same time, premium users can select 320 kbps. 

To meet the needs of various music quality qualities, JOOX offers standard quality at 64 kbps, which is an option for free users. 

The quality is noisy and of low quality, but it helps to save a lot of data, especially in rural areas. The medium quality of this platform is 128 kbp, which can be reached by free users. Meanwhile, the VIP users can enjoy up to 320kbps. 

Both platforms offer different interfaces for free and premium users. In the premium version, you can enjoy the user-friendly interface of both apps because you can experience a clean and clear interface without ads and commercials. 

It will be a different story for free users as Spotify comes with interesting audio ads, thus giving you an annoying experience while streaming. On the other hand, JOOX does not have an audio ad; instead, it has banner apps that have fewer disturbances and interruptions.

FAQ About Spotify vs Joox

Yes, there is a better platform than Spotify that runs second to Spotify in terms of subscribers but surpasses its rivals on one key contact not other than Apple Music.

The music quality at Spotify features high-quality sound in terms of techniques as compared to other platforms.

When a subscriber streams the music on Joox, you are paid a proper share of as revenue per month calculated as per terms set out by Tune Core’s blanket agreement with the store.

Final Thoughts for Spotify vs Joox

To wrap up, Spotify vs Joox, it would not be wrong to say that both are digital services with engaging music streaming experiences. Both platforms have their pros and cons that you can join for the best jamming out. 
From music quality to features, Spotify is more on the demanding side and prominent. It offers a better bitrate for best quality and music discovery. However, Joox is good for a friendly interface without audio ads because it lets you listen to songs without interruption.

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