How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify – (Desktop/Mobile)

Are you annoyed by a bunch of songs in your Spotify queue, no more worries because you are not alone in this overwhelming situation. Sometimes, you can forget how to come out of the issues. Most often, it’s sufficient just to hide the unwanted song and go on Spotify Premium APK

While the alternative way is to clear up the queue, do you need to know how to clear your queue on Spotify?

How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify

What is Queue on Spotify

A queue is a section on Spotify that allows you to create a playlist of songs you want to listen to and enjoy. The queue is very easy to access on Android devices, desktop apps, and mobile apps. You can either drag and drop your favorite songs into the spot or click on the +icon next to each song if you want to add more to them.

How To View Your Queue on Spotify

  • Start to play a song on your Spotify application.
  • Search for the queue button that is similar to the three horizontal lines with a right-facing triangle in the top left corner.
Spotify queue step 1
Spotify queue step 2

How To View Your Queue On The Web Player and Desktop App

  • Play a song on the desktop app or web player.
  • At the bottom of the interface, find the playback containing media controls and a volume slider.
  • Near the volume slider, to the top right media control, you will see a queue button.
  • Click the button to access your queued-up songs.
  • You will notice all your queues on the screen.

How To Clear Your Queue on a Web Player or Desktop

For web players and desktops, clearing the Spotify queue comes with the same steps. So without waiting, let’s dive into the process.

  • Open the web player or desktop and search for the Spotify app.
  • In the playback bar, click the queue button at the bottom of the interface. This looks like three horizontal lines with a right triangle in the top left corner.
  • Hit up the clear queue button on the next page, located to the right of the next queue section.
  • Therefore, you just need to remove one song from the Spotify queue and select remove from a queue by right-clicking the song in the list.

How to clear queue Spotify on iPhone Android

When you follow the steps below, the process to clear the Spotify queue is pretty straightforward. 

So let’s move on.

  • Launch the Spotify app.
  • Select your song.
  • Open the song on full screen and tap the queue option in the bottom right corner.
  • Next to the queue, tap clear, and you are done.

FAQ of How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify

By clearing the Spotify queue, all the selected songs will be deleted from the playlist.

The Spotify desktop only shows 81 songs in the queue as an optimization feature. While more songs are displayed in the queue at once, the more system memory the app needs to use.

The playlists are static whether you lay it or shuffle it. In contrast, the queue is like a temporary working area where you can add new songs.

Final Thoughts of How To Clear Your Queue on Spotify

So, how do you clear a queue on Spotify?

You know Spotify is well known for its music discovery with no cost, and it is quite common to add loved songs to the playlist without disturbing it. If you have a few songs not according to our taste and choice, you need to remove them. 

The ways I mentioned above will help remove the songs from the playlist queue without any more worries. 

Happy listening on Spotify!

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